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Unemployment is the leading cause of poverty, stress, poor health, and damaged relationships. Work-related issues account for more than six million sick days a year, with more than 150,000 people taking sick leaves due to anxiety and stress. High-stress levels at work may result in various physiological and psychological issues such as high blood pressure, headaches, mood swings, muscle tension, irritability, and even nervous breakdown. Whilst hard work is something to be proud of, pushing yourself too far can be destructive.

Besides this, there are a few questions that we ask ourselves like ‘What should I choose nursing as my career?’ or ‘Am I happy with what I am doing?’. Surprisingly, most of these answers directing our futures are inside us already, but we need help in getting them out, to be sure about them, and to assemble them into a plan. For such support, you need someone skilled at assessment, understanding, analyzing, and has the experience to help you identify your hidden talents and find you a brighter and successful career.

Nurse Brad provides you “online Career Counselling” service for nurses that guides you about the nursing career you can thrive in. With Brad, you can explore the reasons why should you choose nursing as a career. Nurse brad’s ‘online Career Counseling’ is perfect for people who need help with career opting, and also for those who want a career change. Using a pleura of skills and strategies, Brad provides you with nursing online career counseling at home to help you move forward with your career.

Nurse Brad is not just an online career counseling service provider, we don’t ask our clients to fill in the questionnaires and assess their abilities and suggest them a career. Our online career counseling is tailored to each client’s needs. we adopt a specific approach to help you discover your innate ability and find you a career that you completely enjoy.

Nurse Brad is one of the most recognized career counselors in town. For effective online career counseling for nurses in Minnesota, get in touch with us today!

Why Nursing as a Career?

Nursing is one of the most significant parts of the medical care system. It is the art of taking care of sick people with the help of science and it’s the noblest profession in the world. This work domain is not gender-specific, even if you are a man or a woman – you can be a nurse! At the initial level, nurses are meant for just the bedside care of patients. However, at the senior level, nurses are required to manage special groups like Pediatrics, Psychiatric, and Intensive Care patients, etc. who need special attention and care. Besides, nurses are also involved in dispensing medication, operating medical equipment, keeping records of the patients’ and their progress, administration, and many other routine tasks. Furthermore, nurses assist people who are unable to take care of themselves or need help to recover from an illness. Other than these general activities, nurses can acquire specialization in a particular field i.e. intensive care, midwifery, pediatrics, cardiac care, orthopedics, and so on. Nurses also have to stay updated with the latest technological developments in the field of medicine.

Nursing demands long working hours and duties that require both expertise and understanding of each patient’s needs. People who look forward to choosing nursing as a career should be patient, courageous, have a mature mentality, and should always be ready for long working hours and even night shifts.

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Besides the workload and responsibilities, nursing is a very noble profession. A nurse does not remain unemployed. Nurses get career opportunities throughout the world. They get jobs in both the private and government sectors to run hospitals, orphanages, industries, old age homes, sanatoriums, nursing homes, and the armed forces. With an increasing focus on the health care industry, nurses are in high demand and their future looks brighter than ever before. The average salary of a nurse in the United States is about $24/hour, which means nurses are earning a lot more than other professionals.

At Nurse Brad, you can get online Career Counseling for nursing and choose nursing as a career after getting to know about its benefits from Brad. Brad is a Nurse and Nursing Professor with 5+ years of experience teaching LPN/LVN and RN students and 12+ years of bedside experience. He provides counseling online for nurses in Minnesota and guides his clients with all the necessary nursing-related information that they need. He has the skills and expertise to convince you about nursing by letting you know about the countless benefits of nursing. He explains to his clients why they should choose nursing as a career and how nursing is better than other professions. So, if you are interested in nursing but are not sure about it, get in touch with us today!