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What is essential to be a great Nurse Instructor/Leader?

As the patients are increasing so is the pressure for healthcare organizations and experts to operate more efficiently. And for that, efficient and skilled Nurse leaders are required. Educated and expert nurses can promote teamwork, patient care, and meet organizational goals. To accomplish these goals, a Nurse Instructor must possess certain qualities that include:

Relationship Management

Nurse leaders must possess great relationship management skills. According to Lippincott Solutions, a leader nurse should know how to manage relationships with a broad range of people because collaboration and teamwork are the two most important factors required to deliver high-end patient care. Effective communication skills are the prime factor for managing any relationship, but they’re even more important when it comes to Nurse leaders as they need to engage themselves in multiple relationships.

Mentoring and Creating Future Leaders

According to one of the ANA article, “If your hospital, healthcare organization can run without you, then you have done your job”, and it is very true when it comes to nursing. An experienced and successful nurse leader is the one who tries to invest in the newbies because of the

In an ANA article, the quote “If your unit or department can run without you, you have done your job.” is very true. A successful leader is always a great mentor and invests in mentoring in-experienced nurses as a succession strategy to meet the organization’s needs.

If you think that you possess these qualities and you are also interested in becoming a Nurse leader, then some leadership roles include Head Nurse, Patient Care Director, Middle-Level Management, Chief Nursing Officer, and CEO. You can become any of these – all you need is to possess certain leadership qualities.

Nurse Instructor Have Decision-Making Skills

According to an article by Mississippi College, “Whether it’s about running a healthcare organization, managing the developing technology, or advocating for patients – nurses need to possess great critical thinking and decision-making skills. According to IOM (Institute of Medicine), the nurse leaders must have the skills to identify the problematic areas. Devise and implement plans for improvement, and make every adjustment that is necessary to achieve the required goals. All these responsibilities require an ability to analyze problems, find their solutions, and look at the bigger picture”.

Here are some of the steps that you can take for achieving a new leadership position.

  • Many of the hospitals do need nurses to serve on a volunteer basis. Volunteering is also a good way of demonstrating the leadership initiative. By taking this initiative and giving your time to the healthcare organization, you’re telling them that you do care about helping your healthcare facility as much as you can.
  • According to Nurse Journal, “Doing a Master’s degree in Nursing Science (MSN) can be very helpful for you to open up the world of leadership opportunities in your Nursing career”. The MSN degree won’t only sharpen up your skills, but you will also acquire qualifications for more advanced positions. Furthermore, MSN also provides you the opportunity to pursue your specialization in different nursing related areas.


Are you an experienced Nurse Instructor? If yes, then you must have some helpful tips to share. Please comment them below – we would love to hear from you!

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