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5 Best Online Nursing Coaching and Mentoring Tips You Will Read This Year

Online nursing and mentoring is a great opportunity for all nurses to upgrade their skills while staying on the job. With digital advancement, they can reach great mentors, and tutors are available for their online nursing coaching. The flexible schedules and personalized plans can bring significant values in nurses’ careers.

However, the struggle lies in finding the right online nursing mentorship program that provides the most benefit. You may have read tons of different advice while searching for good service, however, no one will tell you the five things to do during and after finding the right program.

Continue reading to find out the best tips to help you maximize your study time with online nursing mentorship.

5 Best Online Nursing Coaching Tips You Were Never Told Before

1. Key to Finding the Right Nursing Mentor

As we mentioned earlier, finding the right nursing mentor is the key factor that determines your future career growth. If you find a good mentor, you will have achieved a great deal already. However, the main concern is how to know if a particular nursing mentor or online nursing coaching is a suitable one to choose.

You can determine the fitting mentor for your online nursing mentorship training by making sure of some crucial factors. The first is their experience. Well, who can know the profession better than the one who has had hands-on experience with it for years? While finding a good mentor, always remember to ask the number of years they have served.

And if they are still serving, that may be a plus point. They would be highly-skilled, well-practiced, and will further have upgraded knowledge to offer to you.

Besides the years of experience, you may also pay attention to the field of nursing they may have served. If you have decided on the specific field that you want to pursue, it may become easier to find the accurately suitable nursing mentor to help you get there.

However, if you are still unsure about it, find a nursing mentor who is either a generalist or has served multiple fields. You may also want to explore a few fields before opting for one and a nursing mentor with a diverse experience may be of great help.

2. Scheduling in Chaos

One of the most beneficial components of online studies is that you can always have a personalized schedule. Although mentoring activities for nurses are done one-to-one, some great online nursing mentorship programs offer a flexible schedule that suits your routine.

You can opt for a mentoring session after your duty hours or even within the hours, during rest breaks. Some of the nurses may also like a morning mentorship session to start their day with more positivity and energy. Schedule as you want, whenever you want and optimize the training time that you choose.

3. Chores and Classes Don’t Go Together



Many times we fall into the desire to maximize our time way more than we should. We try to do laundry while we watch a lecture, or try to cook while we learn, some even try cleaning the house as they prepare for a test! All that hustle just to save some time for other things.

However, this attempt to over-maximize one’s time contrastingly ends up in lower productivity. This usually happens due to a lack of focus. Learning a new task takes a lot of energy and mental capacity. And if you try to multitask during that, you will end up blank later.

Therefore, as you start your online nursing coaching program with your mentor, make sure to allocate the particular to the session only. This will not only help you understand things better but will also help you retain the invaluable knowledge that you would be gaining.

4. Go Old School

No matter how much digital advancement enables human beings in different aspects of life, it is still better to stay old school while learning. According to a study by the University of California, the students who took handwritten notes during a lecture performed far better than the ones who took their notes on laptops.

The Association for Psychological Science (APS) also reported that taking notes on laptops ends up in ‘mindless transcription’ that cancels out the advantages it can provide. Therefore, we cannot emphasize much on how important it is to handwrite your notes on a specific journal you allocate while starting a nurse mentoring program.

You can also enhance your experience and make the nursing mentorship program enjoyable by creating a template with different sections in your journal. Creating sections for conclusions, new facts and interesting details with different colors can help you remember the information better while making the process fun.

5. Get A Study Twin

An online nursing coaching and the mentoring session is best-done one-on-one with the mentor. However, there are different ways you can retain and practice new and upgraded nursing skills with online nursing tutors. And you can achieve that enhanced experience by getting yourself a study twin!

The first thing that may have come to your mind is what is a study twin after all?

A study twin is someone you revise your lessons with. Find a nurse at work who wants to upgrade their nursing skill too. You both can find your mentors through the same online nursing coaching service and then discuss what you learned with each other.

Such discussions stimulate the brain and help it remember the lessons better. It also encourages the mind to retain things extensively during the mentorship session because it expects a discussion later on with the study twin.

Later, you and your study twin can remind each other to practice those skills as you both continue to work as nurses. Nursing counseling support can be of greater help if you have someone at work to discuss and practice it with.


Online nursing coaching and mentoring programs can add immense value to your career growth and direction. However, finding the right mentors is highly crucial to achieving that purpose. You can use our tips to find a suitable mentor for yourself, and also to maximize your mentorship sessions with them for superior benefit.

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