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How Mentorship Shapes The Future of Nursing?

Mentors, Tutors, and instructors are all there for your support, guidance and for giving you honest advice. In most parts of the world, about 60% of new Nurses leave their profession – entirely. A tough profession’s demand combined with a lack of support from fellow Nurses makes nursing a difficult profession to carry out and want to know the Future of Nursing. So for this purpose, nurses need to consult mentors while transiting from nursing schools to the professional ranks of Nursing. Not only in the hour of problem, but at any stage, whether a nurse aspirant is going to start a new career, is in the middle of a growing career, or want to become a stronger leader.

Mentoring a fellow Nurse requires leadership skills, professional experience of course, but also a lot more than that make future of nursing. According to Dale Beatty, Chief Nursing Officer of Stand ford Health Care, there are four basic core values that every mentor needs to have: Trust, Honesty, Confidentiality, and Integrity. A mentee should be able to trust their mentor anyway to be vulnerable with them, while the mentor should foster the environment of trust and safety for his mentees.

Mentors have a lot to pick up personally and professionally by helping new Nurses conform to their jobs. Nurse mentors help individuals comprehend and practice the gauges of Nursing, they additionally keep checking on the procedures and techniques and are in a position to encourage changes and make improvements where needed. Likewise, unpracticed Nurses are being trained and are exposed to the latest advancements and slanting issues to train them accordingly.

Have you ever thought that you could be a better instructor than the person who was in charge? You should seriously think about it. Because when you are mentoring others, you are improving your leadership skills, coaching, and communication skills. Working with different individuals having various backgrounds helps you in developing the relatable skills that are necessary to handle different personality types.  Being a mentor primarily is a great way to find out if the management profession is something you want to be in your future.

“A mentor is a resource that could help the students, and the recent graduate nurses to help them with their careers and shape them along the way”, says Anita Girard, the Magnet Program Director.But figuring out from where to find one is the first step. The best way to start is to look up the websites for State Nursing Associations and Student Nursing Associations. Also, getting in touch with professional organizations can help, as they are usually full of expert nurses that could be potential mentors.

Becoming a mentor is a small decision to make but a big responsibility to hold.  While the personal and professional benefits far outweigh the challenges, mentoring has to be something you are emotionally and professionally ready to handle. Have you ever been a mentor or mentee? Share your mentoring stories with us in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you!


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