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Initial mentoring program

The Best way to Make your initial Mentoring program Joyful and Natural

A prospering initial mentoring program is created through a set of different ideas and constant attention, to direct mentees these programs need to be purposeful.

Human beings give importance to their education, career, and social settings to live a better life. When it comes to professional wellbeing companies emphasize on development of their employees in terms of opportunities and self-improvement.

Professional fields going for mentoring programs for the development of organizations, it also gives benefits to employees and students.

For nurse mentoring, these programs are the best approach to refining their nurse skills. Recent research says that nurses who join such programs tend to be more connected with their field.

Here you will get to know the best ways which make mentoring programs joyful.

Make your initial Mentoring program Joyful and Natural

We know the fact that mentoring can be the part of every field, therefore it has to be natural and jubilant to drive mentor program goals.

1. Clarify Goals & Objectives

First, identify why you need a mentoring program? Clear objectives and goals make sure that your initial mentoring program stays at the lead.

Having solid reasons behind your program encouraged people to signup for your mentoring program. Either there are business reasons, they define the value of your program.

Many online nursing mentorship programs have been spotted because many nurses looking for building their leadership skills. Mentoring programs are success-driven; purpose can make them more attractive for people who are in search for such programs.

2. Design Mentorship Program Strategically

Design Mentorship Program

Design Mentorship Program

When you wish to design a program, you kept the main point in your mind that WHY we are starting this Initial mentoring program? to answer this ‘Why’  you have to classify your audience, you should know who they are what they need why they are registering to your program.  prepare a mentorship program guideline that interprets your objectives and your aims.

However, the mentoring process has also made online mentorship important, it has direction for participants from all backgrounds.

Your designed plan should include a proper structure that offers productive learning and take participant towards desired goals. The ideal plan includes

  • Mentoring style you are going to adapt, traditional, or reverse.
  • Enrollment format
  • Duration of the program
  • Should be appropriate from the community and social aspects.

Mention everything in your plan in the form of a diagram or chart especially the workflow. There is mentoring software with useful mentorship program templates that let you avail of a wide range of different programs.

3. Call out Mentors and Mentees

it’s inconsiderable that you plan out an amazing initial mentoring program but it results in a low participation rate, it can be overcome through strategic promotion. Moreover, if you know how to structure a mentorship program then it’s a Childs play to call out participants to your program.

publicize the benefits of the program to mentors and mentees, convey people the importance of mentoring. to motivate for the program, you have to make them realize what it holds for them.

You can take mentors and mentees on board by making it less bothering, manage your program according to the demands of people like suitable timings and hassle-free registration process.

For mentors to provide them powerful training sessions and prepare them with knowledgeable material, it is important because it might be their first experience of mentoring. offering free training easily attract people towards a program.

4. Build Consistency in Mentoring

you have enrolled participants that are well prepared now, the relationship between mentors and mentees also have been built. Now your Initial mentoring program is good to go.

On the other hand, if you are assuming that your job is done then you are wrong. You have to maintain consistency in mentoring because it is new and not a part of daily routine. developing a mentoring program with a strong structure and direction make your participants stick to the program.

Several participants can step back from the program if they lose the momentum during mentoring program. frequent feedbacks and interesting activities also the way to make the program natural.

5. Evaluate the Program

Don’t miss the evaluation of your program, it is the most crucial phase of the initial mentoring program. when you are creating a program, it means that you are investing in participants’ time, development, and substructure.

Evaluation phase also lets you identify hurdles and prospects, running a successful program doesn’t mean that it is flawless. It needs usual tracking and assessments at every level, it impacts the progress of participants.


For development, the initial mentoring program is the most influential strategy for both mentors and mentees. It is far from traditional mentoring, involves every aspect of progress, it benefits organizations and individuals at large. Reasons behind starting a program, evaluation, and consistency are found to be the best ways that make the program natural and joyful.

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