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Which one is the Best: Individual Tutoring Vs Group Tutoring

Online tutoring is a blessing for nurses in today’s fast-paced and demanding world. The shifts are prolonged, and the work is tiring. And one cannot manage to visit a physical campus with a hectic routine like that. However, when opting for online tutoring, nurses may face a hard time choosing between individual tutoring versus studying in a group.

Individual and small group tutoring both have their own benefits. However, different advantages may be preferable for different people. Nothing can beat individual focus and attention, while some courses are best taught in groups. With a distinct set of benefits for both models of tutoring, one needs to understand which suits them the most.

In this article, we will discuss the various benefits both forms of tutoring have so you can decide which one you must opt for.

Comparison Between Individual Tutoring and Group Tutoring

Focus Vs Communal Connection

The most significant benefit of individual tutoring is focus and attention. This is more crucial than you would generally believe. Your attention span can change drastically, and your memory about what you studied enhances too. It becomes easier to clear any confusion, and the tutor pays special attention to your progress.

On the other hand, group tutoring provides a sense of belonging and community. You all learn together, share your progress with each other, and appreciate each other’s input. It creates an environment of shared learning where everyone is there for each other.

Here, the trade-off is between focus and sense of community. If you want one, you lose a chunk of another. The sense of belonging can still be there in individual tutoring as your mentor or tutor is always there for you. In contrast, you can practice focusing techniques to enjoy the communal learning process.

Individuality Vs Diversity

In a private class, you can be yourself without any second thoughts or worries. You can ask any questions that you may hesitate to utter in a group. There are always concerns and queries that you cannot say out loud in a regular class. However, in an individual tutorship course, your nursing tutor helps you with every matter.

During one-on-one learning, all the gaps are bridged, and every issue gets its due share of time. Nothing goes unnoticed or uncatered.

While online group tutoring allows you to meet new people from different cities and states, you hear their experiences and learn from them. Diversity in a learning group creates acceptance and tolerance for people from different ethnicities.

As the nursing profession is all about serving humanity without discrimination, having people from various backgrounds can be a plus.

Mentorship Vs Discussions

Online nursing tutors act as your mentors in individual tutoring. They identify the gaps in your learning and experience and shape your career. The main benefit of private nursing tutoring is to have someone you can look up to.

We know that nursing is an emotionally and mentally taxing profession. And nurses need moral support to get through difficult times. In such situations, dedicated nurse tutors become their saviors. Nurses look forward to the sessions at the end of their working hours, as the counseling helps them gain perspective when they need it most.

Group tutoring may not provide the same mentor-mentee relationship. All the students can discuss their problems and provide support to each other collectively. At the same time, the role of the tutor becomes limited to teaching and sharing guidance. They do provide moral support, but they cannot match the level of a personal mentor and you will never develop the skills easily.

No Distraction Vs Variety of Insights

While individual tutoring provides you with a distraction-free environment, one of the best benefits of group tutoring is the variety of insights. Every person has a distinct opinion and set of beliefs. These opinions may form differently due to the various insights they acquire from their environment and instances.

And these various insights serve a purpose. A nurse’s career span is full of instances that are unprecedented in nature. Your team may face a situation that others in the workplace may have no knowledge of. But it is highly possible that someone from your group nursing class may have discussed such a case. At such a time, your diverse knowledge can prove to be a life-saving factor.

Customization Vs Generalization

Another significant aspect and benefit of individual tutoring is customization. You can opt for the session at your own time, according to what suits your schedule. Moreover, the course content is also specially tailored to meet your needs. The online nursing tutor targets the specific areas where you need mentoring and teaches you aptly.

In group tutoring, the rate of customization falls to nothing. The course is generalized and created for a majority, which means it won’t be focused on your specific needs. Your tutor has to pay attention to several students simultaneously, and your personal concerns remain unattended

Individual tutoring may cost more than group tutoring; however, the benefits outweigh the costs. You get more attention, customized course content, and a schedule of your choice.


Individual and group tutoring both have their distinct benefits. We cannot give a verdict by choosing one and discarding the other. Some nurses have been finding more comfort in individual tutoring and counseling due to personalized timing and schedules. While other nurses, as we mentioned in detail, have their reasons to choose group tutoring. It depends on the trade-off of the benefits and your preference over one for another.

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