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In 5 Minutes, I’ll Tell You the Truth About Online Nursing

If you are an aspiring nurse, you must have read plenty of articles about online nursing over the internet. However, none of them would have told you a few things that matter a big deal when it comes to becoming a professional nurse.

The digital era has brought many blessings along with it. People have enabled to access information from practically any part of the world. The opportunities for online learning have extended into possibilities for having remote jobs as well. However, we are more concerned about the implications of an online nursing mentorship program for the careers of those who are on their way towards joining the nursing field.

In this article, I will tell you the truth about online nursing within 5 minutes.

The Truth About Online Nursing

During your research, you must have come across many myths about online nursing. Today, I will pinpoint every such myth and debunk it with facts so you can finally find a sigh of relief amidst all the confusion. Let’s get started.

Online Degrees Vs University Degrees

Online Vs University

Let’s face it. No matter how much digital advancement we achieve, the physical will always feel better than the virtual. The brick and mortar make us feel safer and assured. And there is no surprise in that. We have been used to it for millions of years. The virtual is a new thing for human beings just like fire would have been then.

We eventually learned to live in new and smarter ways over the centuries. However, the scenario has changed to a great extent now. The learning curve has witnessed a sky-rocketing trend over the past decade and we are supposed to match the pace.

However, coming back to online nursing degrees. The nursing degree programs offered online are accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE). Therefore, these degrees possess the same value as the ones you would have gotten from a university, after the hassle of going back and forth to the campus for classes.

Learn Better In Classroom With One-On-One Sessions



It is the most untrue statement or myths of all time. Learning has nothing to do with obtaining it sitting physically in a classroom. Some individuals who like a lot of structure in their routines, like to travel to physical campuses for studying. They feel more aware of the fact that the particular time is allocated for studies and nothing else.

That is quite understandable since your brain pays full attention when it clearly knows what it is supposed to do. However, the same can be achieved in online classes. You have to follow self-discipline, which is also a crucial skill a nurse must learn.

As you enroll in an online nursing mentorship program, you must allocate a specific time for it. During that time, put everything else aside. Do not try to multi-task or strive to be excessively productive. The key is to keep the most important thing at a time in focus. With Nurse Brad’s online nursing tutors in USA, you have the option to set a personalized schedule.

Pick a specific spot in the house for your online nursing mentorship sessions and always sit there during the study time. By doing this, you would achieve the same purpose that people like to achieve by visiting campuses. Your mind will get trained to get in the study mode whenever you sit in that spot with your gadget and notes.

The main lesson is to never chill and learn at the same spot. Let your mind understand the difference.

The Teacher Not Focus In Online Classes

Online Classes

Online Classes

Another concern about online nursing mentorship programs is that learning online may seem lonely. It may seem that you would be sitting miles away from the mentor who would be teaching you and it won’t help build a mentor-mentee relationship.

Well, I must say the concern is legit. As a nurse who wants to grow in knowledge and get inspired, you would be looking for a strong relationship with your mentor.

However, there is nothing to worry about as the best online nursing programs cater to this problem effectively. Your nursing mentor pays all the attention to you as the sessions are one-on-one under your specified time schedules.

Therefore, you not only build a great relationship with them through direct conversations but you also get their complete attention and focus. You will have more time on hand to ask any questions, even the ones you would not generally ask in a physical classroom. Hence, building an even better bond with the mentor than one could achieve in a physical class of 20-25 students.

That may be the reason that the best online nursing leadership programs prefer a mentor to focus on one mentee at the specified time.


There are several myths about online nursing programs prevailing even in the most digitally advanced eras of all time. However, by learning about the right facts we can debunk such myths and pursue what is best for our career growth.

Today, I have told you all the facts about online nursing. Now you can opt for the online associate nursing programs of your choice and study carefree.

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