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Brad is a nurse with 12+ of bedside experience and a Nursing Professor with 5+ years of experience teaching LPN/LVN and RN students. Brad started to realize he had more to offer nursing students outside of the traditional faculty role. Nursing students need support with writing, research, content and clinical knowledge. Many learners do not just learn from reading a book and taking a test so he came up with Nurse Brad. is a nursing company founded to assist student nurses in all levels of nursing school. Through support, mentorship, and tutoring, Brad believes that he can help any nursing student be successful.
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Succeeding through your student life, or starting a new career can be much smoother when you have someone with well-established knowledge and expertise by your side. Nursing is no exception. Take a tour around to:

Connect and find a mentor within a global community of nurses.

Develop an understanding of the instructor, company, etc.

To recognize your duties as in-person in the nursing community.

To empower and inspire yourself by getting involved.